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This is a wiki for documenting Digital Mars D, its standard library and other common libraries. I intended it to be a reference (especially useful when exported to the CHM format) including a introduction for beginners.

2006-06-14 There are still updates to this site, so it isn't dead! Just check the date of the Documentation downloads
2006-01-16 Some updates. Stay tuned.
2005-04-05 This project is not dead, but we are only few people working on the docs and we really need help with some aspects of the documentation. We're no D specialists after all.
I added the last updates function, so you can see whats going on here.

Documentation downloads
You can download the documentation here.
Check it out and report any problems, ideas etc. on the "The docwiki software" page!

WARNING: The documentation is not ready for production use.
Important information may be missing or even be completely wrong.

Help us: We need lots of help with this documentation.
The wiki is ready, so start writing :) If you want to help, please check out this page: How can i contribute?

How do I use the documentation?
Just click on the chapters on the left side of the page or enter a word to search for in the editbox at the top of the page. Or simply start at this index:

1. Introduction

2. Language Reference

3. The standard runtime library: Phobos

4. Tango - the new standard library

5. Other common libraries and tools

6. Related Links

7. About this documentation

8. New Page

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This is the inofficial wiki for documenting the D programming language.
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